Introduction of the Main Clinic

Circulatory Clinic

Our Process for the treatment of stroke and cardiovascular disorders through oriental medicine

Get results with Hangook O.M.C.’s exclusive Chosun needle acupuncture treatment

Strengthen the organs, clean the circulatory system, and cleanse the body of waste with Hangook O.M.C.’s oriental medicines— developed through years of exhaustive research and development

To prevent recurrence and promote longterm health, Hangook O.M.C.'s has developed special medicines called "B aekgeopoon" and "Geopoongsaan" for extended use and healthy benefits.

AntiAging Clinic

Process for oriental medicine treatment of symptoms of aging

Oriental medicine is prescribed to boost Qi in the organs and the production of hormones for blood circulation

Yin Energy Therapy (Jaeum therapy) supplements and moisturizes skin to battle the symptooms of aging

Acupuncture relieves stiffness and stabilizes the nervous system.

Continued use of Hangook O.M.C.’s specially developed oriental medicine products (Baeksuryeok, Baeksuhee, Suryoksan, Suheesan)

Infertility Clinic

Hangook O.M.C.’s Exclusive Infertility Treatment

Accurately identify the cause of infertility using the hightech onestop exam, three bodytype diagnosis, and basic oriental medicine exam

Therapy and constitutional improvement through effective oriental medicine treatments

WomenPrescribed oriental medicines to maintain body temperature and to strengthen reproductive organs

MenPrescribed oriental medicines to increase stamina and to boost reproductive functions