Examination Process

1. One-stop Oriental Medicine Examination System

  • O.M. biochemical analyzer

  • O.M. autonomic nerve ananlyzer

  • O.M. body heat analyzer

  • O.M. body fat analyzer

  • O.M. bone density growth analyzer

  • O.M. echocardiography deivce

  • O.M. visual diagnostic apparatus

  • body type analyzer

2. Preliminry Interview & Examination

  • For more accurate and objective examination results, we use the Korean Oriental Medicine Research Center interview & examination system.

3. Examination Result Analysis and Prescription

  • PACS Viewer and the proprietary automatic prescription system is used to enable objective prescription based on patient data and medical history

4. Traditional Oriental Medicine Treatment

  • Hankook consitutional acupuncture using Chosun needles, thin needles and auricular needles.

5. Special Oriental Medicine Treatment

  • Herbal acupuncture, O.M. thread embedding therapy, high-frequnency therapy, manual therapy.

6. Oriental Medicine Prescription

  • Hankook O.M.C's years of know-how and our high-tech examination system combine to prescribe oriental medicine customized for each body type.