Since opening in Dongnae, Busan in 1992, Hangook O.M.C. has become one of the most recognized oriental medicine clinics in South Korea. With 26 employees and over 330,000 patients treated (over 100 daily), Hangook O.M.C. has become a leader in the development of oriental medicine science, and has worked hard to generate global awareness of its effectiveness. With significant investment in research and development, Hangook O.M.C. has developed electronic systems to standardize and specialize oriental medicine, and continues to lead oriental medicine’s charge into the future biotech industry. Hangook O.M.C. specializes in the treatment of stroke, cardiovascular disorders, and the symptoms of aging (menopause and andropause). In recent years, Hangook O.M.C has also become a leading option for the treatment of infertility and pediatric disorders. With 23 years of accumulated data, research, and knowhow, Hangook O.M.C. is the best choice in Busan for oriental medicine— now and into the future.

Special Practices and Services from Hangook O.M.C.

※ Complete ONE STOP + Traditional Oriental Medicine Checkup + PACS Visual System
= Systematic Oriental Medicine EMR & OCS Systems

※ Exclusive Constitutional Acupuncture Treatment: Chosun needles and effective treatment of intractable disorders

※ Hangook O.M.C.'s affiliate Hangook O.M. Research Institute develops topquality products through continuous R&D

※ Accumulated clinical data on 330,000 patients -> Know how you can count on!

※ Topshelf quality control in treatment and product development ensures integrity in service and in the purity of our products

※ Special Services including oriental medicine treatment, high frequency treatment, herbal acupuncture, thread embedding therapy, hot medicinal herbal drinks, and manual therapy and rehabilitation exercises.