Korean Secret to Longevity

“A special opportunity to feel the full effects of one of Korea’s most famous East Asian Medicine practitioners. Get healthier. Get happier!”

◉ Acupuncture

  • Antler medicinalEnhances immunity and strengthens stamina
    Improves sexual function

  • Juglandis medicinalImproves stamina
    Prevents hair loss
    Treats degenerative, chronic and wasting diseases

  • Bee venom medicinalTreats anti-rheumatic inflammation
    Improves blood circulation
    Anti-bacteria, anti-virus effects

  • Ganoderma lucidum herbalPrevents hypertension & hyperlipidemia
    Reduces cholesterol

  • Anti-inflammation medicinalAnti-inflammation and pain-killing effects for the muscles and joints
    Gastrointestinal inflammation treatment

  • Tortoiseshell medicinalTreats thyroid and hormone diseases
    Battles respiratory diseases
    Prevents osteoporosis and aging

  • Wild ginseng anti-obesity herbalBreaks down fat
    Reduces weight
    Activates metabolism

  • Jahageo (Placenta) medicinalPurifies skin and improves melasma
    Strengthens cartilage and ligaments
    Treats chronic liver disorder and strengthens liver functions
    Relieves andropausal symptoms